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Have you heard that the UN’s biggest annual climate conference will take place in Poland? This means that the COP24 climate summit is coming to the Visegrad Group in December 2018, and rumour has it, it can be one of the most significant climate summits of all times.

As the United Nations Youth Delegates of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we believe this is an exciting opportunity for us, young people to engage with the UN’s climate-related activities and become active in the fight against climate change. Therefore, we founded the youth forum Visegrad Youth for Climate Action (VYCA).

UN Youth Delegates

VYCA is a series of one-day youth conferences taking place in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland during which young people can engage in the UN debate on climate-related issues and learn about the ways their home countries tackle climate change. Moreover, participants will take part in interactive climate negotiation simulations and become better equipped to be active agents in the fight against climate change.

Following the V4+ format, Belarus also joined the initiative.

So, if…

  • you are a young person aged 16-26 years,

  • you would like to get first-hand experience on how the UN’s climate negotiations work,

  • and you are interested to find out how you can contribute to the UN’s climate-related activities,

we invite you to come and join us during the VYCA conferences in Budapest, Prague, Warsaw and Minsk!